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Sabroso Dance Network is a group of people working together for the love of music, dance & culture. On 2012 Sabroso Latin Radio has been formed and joined the latin community in Greece, as a music portal, online radio and a team of DJs. After a couple of performances in various places around Greece, Sabroso Latin Radio organized and participated on the biggest events & festivals in Greece & Cyprus as DJs and Event Organizers. Their love for latin – but not only music – will guide them to their next “egg” that will be Sabroso Dance Network..much more than a social network!


Our Aim is to provide top-level service to all dancers, dance teachers, musicians, DJs, event planners, photographers, merchandising companies through our constantly growing network.


Sabroso Dance Network is exactly what it’s motto saying “Much more than a social network!”


Sabroso Dance Network is not just another social network. Everyone can find anything for their dance-like-world. Some of the features of Sabroso Dance Network are the following.

  • Sabroso Exclusive Artists – Book your favourite DJ, dancer, photographer, artist through our “Sabroso Exclusive Artist Section”. Their top-quality service is a must and you will be happy to cooporate with them.

  • Search and hire other professionals – You can hire the professional of your choice for private classes, to join your Dance School or Event by contacting them directly through our platform.

  • Join an Online Class – Your time is precious. Distance is also important. Choose your next Live or Recorded class from our top instructors, save time and money! Free videos will be available as well for everyone.

  • Find a dance partner – Search and find the best partner for you according to their profile! Fast and effective, cost-free!

  • Find a dance crew member – You have built a dance team but you are still missing a dancer? Search the one that is ideal for you, propose them and let them join your crew.

  • Socialize – Propose to hang out for a drink or two, join a dance party and have fun!

  • Find an Event – Not sure where to hang out? We’ve got it for you!

  • Contests – Win tickets & products absolutely FREE! Join are contests and you will find out.

  • Book a ticket for an Event – On Sabroso Dance Network you can now book your full pass or ticket for the next event, festival, private class and more. Don’t miss our exclusive offers!

  • Find Merchandising – We are continuously working with our partners to bring you the best products. Not sure which dance shoes you should buy? Need a new dance leggings? Find it on our Shop together with a lot of merchandising.

  • Blog – Read the latest news on our Blog page and stay on the front line.

  • Coupons – Whether is a dance event, a product or even a trip we got it for you! Be fast and get the latest Coupons with discounted prices up to 70%.


We would not be a much more than a social network if we could not deliver capabilities and features to our professionals as well. Join us and get targeted advertisement, find more job opportunities and promote your work!

  • Sabroso Exclusive Artists – The top artists will join this section. Join “Sabroso Exclusive Artists” and be featured on main pages, have interviews and promote your work on the highest level!

  • Dance Schools – Advertise your dance school, promote it through our Coupon service or be featured on main pages. You can also find other dance teachers and hire them!

  • Dance Teachers – Find a job on an event, a dance school or event be booked for a private class!

  • Online Videos – Send us your video and get paid by joining our Online Classes session. Take your shiny smile, show us your moves, be verified and sell your routine worldwide!

  • DJs – Find your next decks stop! Be hired by event planners, dance schools. You want to play online but your time is limited and the cost is not affordable for setting up your radio station? Join Sabroso Dance Network, choose when you want to play, how many hours per week for one small fee and stream online! Build your own audience that will follow you and your music!

  • Event Planners – You want to promote your event but need a dancers only option? We’ve got it for you! Join us, promote your event on main pages and get more clicks!

  • Merchandisers – Sell your products through our Shop! Sabroso Dance Network will sell your goods for a very small profit. Fast, reliable and always directly to our dance community. Whether you want to avoid the fees of starting your own eShop or your want to grow your business, join us and start selling now!


Sabroso Dance Network is absolutely FREE to register for both amateurs and professionals.

Professionals may pay a subscription fee if they wish to be featured advertised only.

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