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Ozuna Gets Emotional Announcing Engagement to Longtime Girlfriend

After nearly eight years together, Ozuna and his longtime girlfriend are officially engaged.

The announcement was made on social media, where the chart-topping artist shared with his more than 17 million followers on Instagram that he has proposed to his partner Taina Marie Meléndez, with whom he has two children.    

In the video post, accompanied by the caption "a very special day," Ozuna reveals the exciting news during a heartfelt speech. "It wasn't until I had a family that I was able to move forward, change many things and think differently," he says. "The most special thing a family has is a marriage and I had been wanting to get married but I was waiting for a special moment and I didn't have time ... but I finally asked and told her I wanted to get married." 

Watch Ozuna's speech below:

In a video he shared post-engagement announcement, Ozuna thanked those who have reached out to congratulate him and remind young fans that "family is everything." 

"After one has achieved and accomplished so much in life, the only thing I have left to do is to dedicate time to my family," he says in his Instagram post. 


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